Three Things to Know About Clay Poker Chip Sets

Poker sets come in all shapes and sizes. From the clay poker chip set, to the eco-friendly one, to the one with a case. As you may be aware, some will appeal to your senses more than others from an aesthetic standpoint and some may seem more likely to last a lifetime. But what about the type you purchase?

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What is a Clay Poker Chip Set?

A clay poker chip set is comprised of 10 or 12 (depending on preference) multi-colored clay casino quality chips and two mirrored decks of playing cards with no jokers. The chips are thick enough that they do not feel fragile like other types of ceramic material such as those that are used in individuals home card games. These chips, as opposed to other types of ceramic, are made from 100% natural clay and contain no toxins, chemicals or additives. The reason for this is because clay chip manufacturers desire a chip that feels as close to w88 ทางเข้า genuine casino surface chips as possible.

What makes these chips stand out from all the rest is that they do not contain any non-clay materials like paint or plastic. Instead of having a paint quality clay coating with the “clay chip” name on it, all their clays are completely natural and completely pure. This helps them to resemble the real thing more than competing poker chip sets.

Even though the clay poker chip set is a bit more expensive than other types of ceramic poker chips, it does hold its value better than similar types of poker chip sets in most cases at Because it is a natural substance that does not contain any type of paint or plastic, the clay chip will retain its quality for centuries when compared to thinner ceramic chips that wear off in many decades.

How To Choose a Clay Poker Chip Set?

You can choose from two different types of clay poker chip sets – regular and limited edition. While both come in popular designs, they are also available in many different colors to match your personal preference and style. In addition, they both offer special chip cases that help to protect these valuable chips. You can also purchase a clay poker chip set with either a ceramic or aluminum case. The aluminum case helps to protect the exterior of the chips from wearing off, but does not provide as much protection for the interior.

Choosing between a clay poker chip set and other types of poker sets is not difficult, even if you don’t know much about the material from which they are made. First, look at their appeal to your senses and make sure that you like how colorful and shiny they appear. Second, consider their value in relation to how often you will play with them and how much you can spend on them without overspending.